Favorite South Florida Venues Part 1

Everyone knows that Southern Florida is paradise. It is home to some of the most amazing beaches and beautiful venues in the world. We never have a hard time understanding why it is one of the most sought after destinations for weddings.

We have had the pleasure of filming in several of them and here is a quick list of our some of favorite South Florida Wedding Venues:

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens


Located in Miami, FL, Vizcaya is potentially one of the most beautiful places we’ve ever seen. Built in the early 1900’s by industrialist James Deering to serve as his winter home, Vizcaya is now a national historic landmark and accredited museum.

Vizcaya is home to extensive gardens and art exhibits. The interior features towering archways and high ceilings, but the true beauty lies outside the main home in the gardens. Below is a film of an amazing couple who got married at Vizcaya. We shot the introduction with a drone and it offers an amazing view of Vizcaya.

EAU Palm Beach


If you like to spoil yourself and experience the finest things in life, Eau Palm Beach is the place for you. Drawing its name from the French word for “water”, Eau Palm Beach hugs the ocean like a long-lost love. We mean it; this magnificent hotel is so close to the ocean that you may have to make sure you don’t get your feet wet when you leave your room!

The property extends for a good stretch of the beach and you can see the ocean from almost anywhere. There is world class dining, kids’ activities, a spa, multiple pools and places to cool off. If you can’t find what you’re looking for at Eau Palm Beach, we don’t know what to say . . . there’s something wrong with you!

Estancia Culinaria


Everyone knows that in addition to a tropical paradise, Miami is a very active and bustling city. But what happens when you want to stay in paradise, but leave the city-life behind? If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to find a romantic, 10 acre avocado farm with 800 beautiful trees, walking paths, rustic barns and natural groves.

If you’d rather not leave it to chance, just visit Estancia Culinaria, which is located just 30 minutes from downtown Miami. If you’re looking for a tropical escape from the north during winter, but want the charm and natural beauty of a rustic farm, you don’t have to look any further. This is truly a magical location.

Reverend Eddie

It should be a simple question: What is love? Philosophy has sought to answer it nearly since time began. It is almost as important a question as “why are we here?”.

There are many forms of love, but the love that brings two souls together and transforms them into one is perhaps the most miraculous. Today, Reverend Eddie Rodriquez shares his beliefs on love. As an inter-faith minister, Reverend Eddie has presided over countless marriages of all faiths and backgrounds. His unique insight takes us beyond the scope of one family or people and enlightens us to the meaning of all people.

Having filmed a great number of weddings over the years, we couldn’t agree with Reverend Eddie more!

Locations from the Video:

Morikami Japanese Gardens – http://www.morikami.org/weddingsfacilities/weddings/
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Eau Palm Beach – http://www.eaupalmbeach.com/explore/weddings/
Ritz Carlton Key Biscayne – http://www.ritzcarlton.com/en/Properties/KeyBiscayne/Events/Weddings/Default.htm
Addison – http://theaddisonofbocaraton.com/weddinsgs
Turnberry Isle – http://www.turnberryislemiami.com/weddings/
Fisher Island Club – http://www.fisherislandclub.com/Weddings
Colony Hotel Palm Beach – http://thecolonypalmbeach.com/wedding-events/

A Love that Crosses Oceans

The beginning of this wedding teaser may start out as an amazing online dating commercial! The best man really hits home with a very humorous moment. We can’t say that those of us at LaFrance films are ignorant to the online dating scene, and his speech definitely gives us hope.

As humorous as that moment was, it wasn’t what we loved most about this wedding. For us, the lesson from Aarti and Arun’s is that love truly has no boundaries. The world is a much more intimate place than it was even 10 years ago.

Aarti and Arun’s story may seem like a fantastical romance movie: A man who works in London visits the state and finds his true love. A rarity, but possible.  But as we know, in today’s world of online video chats and supersonic aircraft, an ocean of water is no match for the passion in two people’s hearts.

We love Aarti and Arun and we wish them both beautiful lives together. Something tells us that they’ll have it.

NYC to London {via Miami} from LaFrance Films on Vimeo.

Our Inspirational Films

We talk a lot about our favorite moments from our weddings. It always takes us a moment to think of our favorite ones, but then it kind of hits us: We don’t have only one favorite moment. Each wedding that we participate in has special times that affect us in different ways.

Sometimes we cry because of the high emotions . . . like when a loved one has passed and is remembered. Other times, we laugh because, after all, a wedding is a celebration.

We have taken some time to start capturing these special moments and making short “inspirational” promo videos for you to enjoy. So far, we have three (we’re working on more!) that focus on the first time a groom sees his bride, the exchanging of the “I Do” vows and a very special time with a mother of the bride and her daughter.

We’ve created a special page on our website that can be viewed here. Make sure to bookmark it and check back often. But for now, you can see our promo films below:

ALMA and Our Corporate Films

At LaFrance Films, we love telling the stories of our clients. Usually, those stories involve a bride, a groom and their families. As much as we love them, those aren’t the only stories that can be told.

Our corporate clients also have amazing tales and events that we document. ALMA’s 20th anniversary was one such occasion that we were proud to be a part of. Sometimes we think that using the word “corporate” indicates something cold and void of humanity. As ALMA shows us, corporate is anything but. A corporation truly becomes a family over time and ALMA had a great family that we can’t wait to work with again. We’re happy that our Corporate Films Division was able to capture this truly fantastic milestone.

Not only was it a great party in a great venue, but it was also a chance for us to use some different techniques for filming. The Perez Art Museum in Miami is beautiful and spacious and was the perfect place for us to use a time lapse effect that we think is very fun! Look for it when you watch the film above!