Darienne and London

Darienne and London // Wedding Film from LaFrance Films on Vimeo.

We love it when we have out-of-state brides and grooms. They always seem to experience Florida through new eyes. We know that people can adapt and get very comfortable in the places they live. When people visit, sometimes for the first time, we love to see the excitement as they experience those things which we take for granted, like beautiful weather in the middle of the winter!

But we also love to see the parts of their history and personality that they bring with them. Darienne and London taught us a great deal about a family and the love its members can share. One of the most touching things we’ve seen in a long time was the fact that Darienne honored her late father in a special way.

Darienne had a blue patch with her father’s last name sewn onto the inside of her wedding dress. While he couldn’t be there physically, he was with her in spirit the entire day.

We loved everything about this wedding from the touching toasts and speeches to the fireworks and a floating lantern release at the end of the night.

Darienne and London truly fit the expression: I am because we are!

A Mother and Daughter’s Special Bond

On a wedding day, there are always times that we look forward to. Of course, a wedding day is a very emotional day for many people, not just the bride and groom. As filmmakers, we have been present for some of the most touching moments that people can experience.
Today, we want to share a very intimate moment between a mother and her daughter on her wedding day. We can only imagine what it is like for a mother to see her little girl grow up and find her prince charming.

Take a First Look

Everyone is aware of the superstition that it is bad luck to see the bride before she walks down the aisle. We don’t know how true it is, but we do know that there is nothing like the time when a groom first sees his bride.

In recent years, this moment has become more and more special and couples are choosing to have it captured on film and in photographs. At LaFrance Films we call this the “First Look”. Some couples elect to meet somewhere special on the day of their wedding just before the ceremony begins.

As the groom looks into the distance, his bride comes up behind him and taps him on the shoulder. When he turns, he looks at his bride for the first time.

It is an incredibly intimate and beautiful moment. We have taken the liberty to combine some of our favorites into this First Look Video. Feel free to share your thoughts about the First Look and contact us if you’d like to make this a part of your own wedding day.

“I do”

I don’t believe that there is anything more satisfying than creating a wedding film. Everyone on this planet has a calling and if you are one of the lucky people to pursue it, we have a great deal in common.

I don’t know how many times people who aren’t in the industry go to weddings, but it’s probably safe to say that at LaFrance Films, we have been to more weddings than the average person. When you go to weddings every weekend and then sit in an editing room watching them again, you start to realize that there truly are moments that make a wedding one of the most special times in a person’s life.

With that in mind, we ask you the question: Do you know what makes a wedding day so special? We do, and if you watch the above video we put together, you may realize it too.

Jana and Brad

It is actually really hard for us to pick our favorite part from this wedding highlight. Jana and Brad were truly the greatest couple and it would be impossible not to see how much they love each other.

From the amazing advice given during the ceremony from the priest to the heartfelt speech by the Mother of the Groom, this wedding was one of the most heartfelt we’ve ever had the pleasure of filming. Maybe some of you will notice that Brad and Jena were one of the couple’s featured in our First Look Video.

Make sure to always keep this advice close to your heart:

  1.    1. Never be too preoccupied to hold hands.
  2.    2.  Never be too busy to say, “I love you”.
  3.     3, Never be too proud to say “I am sorry”.