The Bluewater Babes

If you asked us a few years ago what fishing, boat parades, and breast and ovarian cancer had in common, we’d be at a loss. After attending and filming the 2014 Annual Bluewater Babes Fish for a Cure, we have a very different answer.

At LaFrance Films, we have had the great honor of working with a number of amazing non-profit organizations, but Bluewater Babes is always going to have a special place in our heart. As you can see from the teaser above, Bluewater Babes was founded by women with a great deal of passion. The best part? Bluewater Babes is a local non-profit that stays local in Palm Beach County (you can even see the Jupiter Lighthouse in one of the shots!).

Cancer of any kind is extremely frightening, but you won’t find anyone who is afraid at the Fish for a Cure event. The Annual Fish for a Cure is a combination of a block party and a fishing tournament! (We get asked all the time for the number of the gentleman who is wearing the pink bikini, but we didn’t get his number!) It is a complete celebration of life. We can’t wait till next year’s tournament! Maybe, while we’re filming the event, we’ll find a way to cast a line and see if we can compete!

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The Facing Freedom Sizzle Reel

Dear LaFrance Films Blog Readers, Fans and Friends,
As you know, I have been involved in a project that is very important to me over the last couple of years: the documentary Facing Freedom.
You never know where life will take you. A few years ago it was with a fair amount of surprise that I found myself in Kenya with an amazing artist named Freedom. Freedom has a passion for what he calls Creative Activism. In short, Freedom seeks to find the answer to a question: Can art/artists affect change in a positive way?
I believe the answer is yes.
Today, I’m sharing with you the Facing Freedom Sizzle Reel. In the past, I’ve shared some teasers about the film, but in this reel, you get to see new parts of the project, including interviews with Freedom, Justin Miller (CEO of Cure for Aids) and other important contributors to the documentary and effort.
In Facing Freedom, Freedom travels to Kenya, a country that has been immensely impacted by HIV/AIDS. There he meets with real people who face a battle with this disease on a daily basis. Upon his return home, Freedom paints the portraits of 100 Kenyans on the covers of 100 discarded books. These pieces of art will be used to raise awareness of the people who struggle with HIV/AIDS and affect the change in this world that it desperately needs.
In May, we will return to film the final part of this amazing documentary. Please watch the sizzle reel to get a better idea of what we’re doing and, if you can find it within yourself, donate to the project on our website by clicking here.
Michael LaFrance
President/CEO of LaFrance Films

Join the Heatwave

Last year, Michael LaFrance had the good fortune of meeting Yoel Hyman of Heatwave at a networking event. They struck up a conversation and months later, LaFrance Films was working with this amazing, 10 piece band on a series of music videos to showcase their phenomenal talent.

Over the years, Heatwave has performed at parties, weddings and events of all types. Founded by Art Weiss, Heatwave has completely taken South Florida by storm. They have performed for (and with) celebrities, at festivals and even for the Florida Marlins. Lead by three amazing vocalists, Heatwave is an extremely talented band capable of performing songs in any genre and finding the exact set list that will be perfect for your event.

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Albert and Kelly

Everyone knows that weddings are about love. When we think of a wedding, we often think of the love between a bride and a groom, but we don’t always think of the other sources of love. During the reception for Kelly and Albert we witnessed a very powerful form of love that literally had to call out from a place most of us have only read about.

Albert’s father was not able to attend his son’s wedding. 40 years ago, Albert’s father sacrificed a great deal to make sure that Albert, his brother and his mother were free from a “very bad situation” in Cuba. But Albert’s father was not able to join them in America.

Separated by 60 years of political oppression, Albert’s father still found a way to be a part of his son’s wedding day.

This was an amazing wedding, and we love this wedding film, but for us, the phone call between Albert, his father and his new bride is one of those moments that we will always remember. On a day of love that witnesses two individuals becoming one, we were amazed to also witness the love of a father to his son.

The Invitation

During weddings each couple chooses readings that hold deep, personal meanings. We named this wedding teaser “The Invitation” because Alex and Tess chose a poem of the same name by Oriah Mountain Dreamer to be read during their ceremony.

The reading of it was beautiful. It is a poem that demands you face the truth of your own soul and asks if you dare to share it with another person.

The final line of the poem in the teaser is the crux of a union of two people: “It doesn’t interest me who you know or how you came to be here. I want to know if you will stand in the centre of the fire with me and not shrink back.” –The Invitation, Oriah Mountain Dreamer

Listen to the poem. It is passionate and dreamy in its expression and we edited this wedding teaser to match it. It was a beautiful wedding, a beautiful day and a beautiful bride and groom who have found the truth in each other.

We wish Alex and Tess the best in their future together.